Isolina met these clients in 2013 when she was hired for the renovation and expansion of her home. When the family thought about moving and building a new house to their liking, he had Isolina from the beginning.

The modern-style detached house, with large windows and open spaces, seeks to maximize natural light, and create coherent spaces tailored to the extent of the people who inhabit.

Isolina worked closely with Carrasco & Associates to obtain an avant-garde architecture, with optimized spaces and panoramic windows maximizing the natural light and nature that surrounds the house.

The house adapts to the sloping ground where it sits, formed by two structures that are joined by a transparent glass staircase, thus creating an independent wing for the master bedroom and the guest bedroom.

The panoramic windows will thus have a primary part in the project, not only in terms of energy savings but also the entrance of the blue sky and the green of the exterior landscape, avoiding this way that the house was sterile, or cold in sight.













The building sits over sloped terrain. 

One of the challenges of the project was maximizing the space where the building sits. The terrain is sloped, and there is a creek on the bottom of the back yard. For this reason, the building looks like two floors when you look from the street, but you can see three when you look at it from the backyard.

To maximize the views and avoid a constrained-look building, Isolina planned a transparent glass staircase surrounded by clear glass walls that will connect the three floors, allowing this way natural light and an open look.  Instead of a blocky-enclosed house, the facades communicate through the big windows, allowing a view of the outdoors in both facades in all the common areas.

One of our favorite parts in the kitchen is the breakfast nook; three panoramic windows from floor to ceiling that integrate the trees and the sky in the kitchen providing an organic and colorful element . The David Trubridge Coral pendant lamp brings the point of contrast to the green outside.

The master bedroom features two panoramic windows that hide in the wall leaving the room open to the garden as if it were a large balcony. This is one of the favorite solutions proposed by Isolina to keep the building open and give the most significant amount of natural light to the interiors.

The three floors are linked together by a glass and steel staircase custom made by Faraone. An engineering and precision work that required a team of specialized installers sent by the factory from Italy to ensure that all parts fit together like a clock. The result is a spectacular staircase with LED lighting inside the railings, which delights the guests and the inhabitants of the house.

Each bedroom features a different style to reflect the personality of the person that inhabits it.

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