Top 10 Modern Armchairs, or how to choose a furniture piece that will always be on style.

We all have a space in our house that can fit an armchair. The corner in the bedroom, the reading spot by the window, in front of the TV to binge-watching your favorite TV show.

It doesn't matter where you place it, a lounge chair will give you the extra comfortable and cozy touch your room needs.

As you all know by now, in Isolina Mallon Interiors, we genuinely love modern design, and by modern, we don't necessarily mean last year Milano's proposals.

Some of the best designs have been in the market for many years, and if while it is true that the trends always come and go, there are some furniture pieces you can always count on.

Grab a cup of coffee, or tea if you are not into caffeine, sit back relax, and enjoy our top ten modern armchairs list. From classic icons to cutting-edge designs; you can be sure these pieces will last forever.

Ardea from Zanotta

Design homage to Carlo Mollino, 1944. This chair is a redesign of the classic 17th Century Wingback.

The solid wood legs and the stylized shapes of the upholstered seat make this chair an elegant and functional piece that will fit any seating corner.

Eames Lounge Chair from Herman Miller

What can we say about the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman? Both pieces are considered among the most significant collectible furniture designs of the 20th Century.

This piece has been in production since 1956. Built by hand and meticulously constructed, it is the kind of piece that makes a room, we love the leather and vibrant wood veneer mix and how cozy and elegant feels.

Womb Chair from Knoll

Designed by Eero Saarinen in 1948, when challenged by Florence Knoll to create a chair of supreme comfort — one she could really “curl up in.”

Designed to facilitate a relaxed sitting posture, providing comfort and a sense of security, it fits form and function perfectly. We love how luxurious it feels when upholstered in bright velvet colors.

K10 Dodo from Cassina

Chair by Toshiyuki Kita is one of our favorite recliners. This armchair swivels on a fixed base, which can become a chaise longue with different tilting positions. All of this in a sleek design with removable covers and lots of fabrics and leathers where to choose.

It is the perfect recliner for watching TV, enjoy good music and, relax.

380 La Mise from Poltrona Frau

Designed in 2012 by Luca Nichetto, this armchair is the hug you need when you come back home after a tiring day of work.

Beautiful and comfortable with soft shapes, this pieces ads a warm-organic element to any room. We love the removable covers with zigzag stitching and the feather padding.

The Armchair 42 from Artek

Designed by Alvar Aalto for the Paimio Sanatorium in 1932. The frame is made from laminated birch shaped to produce a cantilevered chair. It is difficult to find a more comfortable chair with a better balance. It is a beautiful example of a clean and durable Nordic style.

Up from B& B Italia

he project as follows: "At that time, I was telling a personal story about my concept of women: I believe that women have always been unwilling prisoners of themselves. This is why I decided to give this armchair the shape of a woman with a ball and chain, a traditional image of a prisoner." 

This armchair always makes a great conversation piece.

Guscio from Flexform

Elegant and inviting, the Guscio chair designed by Antonio Citterio in 2012, is perfect for residential and commercial projects.

It has multiple options for finishes and upholstery, and we love the elegant lines that involve the person seating in it like a shell.

The CH22 lounge chair from Carl Hansen & Søn

The CH22 was one of the first masterpieces created for Hans J. Wegner’s exclusively for Carl Hansen & Søn in 1950. It is a beautiful example of modern Danish design.

We love the mix of wood colors and the finger-jointed corners of the seat frame with the front legs locking into wooden wedges in color contrasting with that of the structure.

LC2 - Poltrona from Cassina

We all know Le Corbusier as one of the fathers of modern architecture, but his furniture pieces are as timeless as his buildings.

The LC2, first designed in 1928 and produced by Cassina from 1965, is simple yet elegant. We love mixing it with different styles of furniture, it never looks out of place.