Color Trends 2018. Deep Green.

When speaking of interior design one of our favorite mantras is "no risk, no reward".

It is very easy to decorate a room with one color hue, nobody hates a taupe room, but it will be very difficult to really love it.  

A good mix of colors, materials, and textures is what will make an interior design project be remembered.

In Isolina Mallon Interiors we recommend to our clients selecting larger investment pieces in neutrals, and incorporating color and pattern with pillows, throws, rugs, and other budget-friendly accessories. That way you can easily change things up and experiment. Finding your color through-line—a shade you continually gravitate to—helps unify a space, whether a room or an entire home

One of the colors we liked this year in Milan's Furniture Salon is the Emerald Green; it is a deep color, vintage, that, with a proper combination, will bring lush and texture to any space.

Decorating with green never has been so elegant. Get inspired to use green as an accent, on walls, furniture, and accessories.

A dark green headboard wall provides a dramatic effect on the room decoration. Combine with white, gold and black for a win win.

The wall paper provides a nice way to create accent walls without risking furniture and you wouldn't need to look for art pieces for the wall.

The green upholstery on the sofas will be a great accent piece in any room.